Can Music be Therapy?

Notes from an instrument can bring out emotions from deep in our bones.  Most people understand this on a basic level, but musicians all know that it is so much deeper.  Music has been the best friend that never fails for a lot of us.   This goes for non musicians as well.  I can really only speak for myself and most other musicians.  Music has been our best friend, our intimate partner, and our brother/sister in times when we just needed to process our emotions and life.

My favorite thing about music is that it is universal.  It’s equally about the lyrics and vocals as it is about the other instruments.  It is understood as a whole but can also be understood across language barriers.  Your mood can be changed from hearing/performing a song even if it is from a different language.

I decided to go away to a state University when I was 19.  I had hit a rebellious period and I had just come out of a really,really rough couple of years.  I decided to follow my heart and major in music.  My grandmother wanted me to major in something more practical but when I chose to go to a University, I decided to take on the financial burden myself and major in something that I couldnt do at the community college.  It just wasn’t something my grandmother could afford.  Her job paid my full tuition to a 2 year community college but at that time in my life I felt like running.  I wanted to get away from my current surroundings.  I went through the application and audition process and was accepted as a full time student in the Music Education with a Vocal Emphasis student.  It was LIFE.CHANGING!  I ate, drank,slept, and lived music and loved most of it.  Here is a video of one of my cover songs on my youtube channel.

Majoring in classical music was a total culture shock for me, but I love music and I was able to enjoy learning music that was from centuries ago and from across the planet from where I am.  If you havent experienced it, here are some people to check out. The Dominican Sisters of Mary’s Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring is number 1 on the Billboard Charts for Classical right now as of writing this article.   Checkout Lindsey Stirling Youtube for instrumental or  John Jesensky for film scoring.  Here is John Jesensky’s IMDB and here is John Jensensky’s Instagram

If you are wondering what Music Therapy is check out this website.

That was my life for 2 years.  Then due to a lot of negative things occurring in that town I wanted to run again.  I auditioned and transferred to another state college but this time I majored in Music Therapy.  It really was my favorite out of all of my majors but it challenged me in so many ways.  Music.Is.Therapy!!!  It can totally help you get the negativity out.  It can also bring negativity so it is very important that you monitor what music you let in your ears.

I suggest that you began to think of music deeper than you have been thinking.  The next time you turn on music pay attention to how it makes you feel, what thoughts come to mind.  Use the music therapy that doesn’t cost anything except the radio or piece of technology that you will be using.  Its free after your initial investment.  Happy Listening!