A Father to the Fatherless

We just celebrated the man of our house on Sunday.  Fathers all over the country were being honored for the important place they have in the lives of their children and families.  My husband has done an amazing job!  He works 2-3 jobs just so that his household can run smoothly and so I can be home focusing on raising and discipling the next generation.  He comes home from work exhausted and still finds time to tickle and wrestle with all of the children, talk to them about their day and reinforce any discipline that had occurred that day.  We are very blessed that he has a flexible schedule so that he can be at important events like track meets and orchestra concerts but he pays for it by working extra long at times.  He loves his family like Christ loves the church.  I am extremely happy that God blessed us with him.  I often times think that God paid me back triple fold for what I lost as a child.

I just turned 37 years old and I had given up on finding my father.  I had given it a fair try years ago but it seemed like it was pointless.  This was the first fathers day that I really didn’t get sad over not having a father.  I learned to put all of my hope in the future and the fact that my children were blessed to not have the same insecurities that I had from not having a father.  When the last search 2 years ago ended empty handed I decided that maybe God was keeping my father away for my safety.  Through my search I found siblings that were also abandoned by him.  I met a half brother and a half sister and I was told that there was one more brother.  I have yet to meet him or even see any pictures of him.  In my last search I discovered that my father moved to Texas, married a woman and had children by her.  He started a family and left his other kids behind.

The stories that I have been told about my father are not of a man that I need in my life but deep inside me there is the thought that he has grown and matured and isn’t that same person.  Around the age of 19 I asked my uncle about my father and he told me “He wasn’t THAT bad of a person, maybe you should meet him.”  My grandmother told me that he took good care of me as a baby.  This was the opposite of what I knew.  I broke my femur(thigh bone) as a baby.  It is the hardest bone in the body to break.  I was around 1 year old (no one has been able to tell me for sure but I don’t think I was walking yet)  When a hospital sees a break like that on a baby they automatically question the parents for abuse.  My mother originally told them that I fell out of the bed but the hospital staff knew that would be pretty hard to do.  They finally took my mother in a room and she told them what had really happened.  She said that her and my father were fighting.  She was holding me and he hit her.  She dropped me resulting in my leg being broken.  The hospital staff told her that she had to leave him or they would take me away from her.  Im not fully sure what she did next but she said that for her, that was the end.

I have 1 memory of my father.  It was when my brother was born.  I remember my father being in the room.  I could feel his presence but in my memory he is just a shadow.  It was obvious that I was a proud big sister because all I remember is looking into the crib with such pride, knowing that was my baby brother.  I was 3 or 4 and the mother of my brother still has pictures with me and my father from that time.  Then he vanished into thin air.   I never saw him again.  Since my memories of him are nothing I really don’t know what type of relationship we had.  I feel that he really didn’t know how to be a father.

All I know about my father is that he was a pimp (that was very popular in the 80’s), he was a drug addict, he tried to rape my aunt, and he was violent toward women.  I heard nothing but negative things and when I first tried to look for him my mother told me that I should just be satisfied with what I do have.   I think that was her way of trying to protect me.  I still feel like it may be a bad idea to meet him.  I had moved on…..until.

I received a call from my half sister that she was still looking for our father.  She had gotten closer than ever.  She actually had a conversation with his current wife.  She said that his wife was unaware that he had any other children except 1 (Im not surprised!)   She said she would talk to him and call her back.  She didn’t call her back but my sister called back.  She said he denied it.  Now that I know he is within reach, the only thing that I want from him is a conversation.  There is always 2 sides to every story.  I would like to hear him admit that I am his child and tell me the reason he left in his own words.  It’s crazy that as soon as I thought I could care less this comes along and stirs up feelings and questions.  So, as I have all of these feelings stir up in me again, I run to the best place there is for comfort.  I run to The Bible.

Here are some of the scriptures that speak directly to those who don’t have a earthly father.  God is the father to the fatherless.

It can seem hard to feel like God can replace a parent.  We often want to get back what we feel was stolen from us.  It is very easy to feel cheated, and lets be honest…you were cheated if you had a parent abandon you.  However if you take the time to think back, God will reveal how even when you “felt” alone, He was there!

In the end, God has the final say.  It doesn’t please Him at all when a parent has jumped ship.  God knows the heart of that person but the scripture above reminds us that He will not reward the behavior of the rebellious.

These scriptures really help to comfort me in the midst of my feelings of abandonment.  Whether I ever meet my biological father or not.  I have true comfort in know that God has and will continue to bless me beyond what the devil stole.  He has returned my blessings and will do the same for all who rely on Him.

Failure is a step up not down

I was chatting with one of my best friends about success and failure.  I can say that these last few years, especially this last year has been a life lesson on overcoming failure.  I had learned to avoid failure at all costs.  If I didn’t think I had a really good chance of succeeding I wouldn’t even try.  I thought of it as not being competitive, but that was a cop out.  That wasn’t really true.  The truth is that I was super, paralyzingly afraid of failing…and failing in front of everyone.

I can still remember my 5th grade graduation.  Everyone was getting fancy awards for honor roll, spelling bee winner, geography wiz and all of these special awards.  It crushed me that I was a good kid, but ended up with only average grades.  My mother tried to comfort me.  She looked me in the eyes and said, “Baby, some people are just meant to be average.”  I know that she was trying to comfort me but it absolutely crushed me.  I grew up hating the word average but not knowing how to become above average.  In the privacy of my room, I daydreamed about being a famous singer one day and that everyone would finally know that I’m way more than average.  Somewhere in between then and now I lost the dream, I believed the lie that I was just average.  Those feelings of insecurity grew and grew over the years.

It all began to change after I joined a mlm.  I started selling Advocare to make money.  I had just found out that I was pregnant with our 3rd child and needed to bring in some extra income.  The life lessons that I learned were far more valuable than any profit that I made.  I began going to the conferences where they would have successful people get up and teach.  I listened intently and took notes.  The biggest lesson I learned was that failure is not to be feared, it is actually something you look forward to.  Failure is necessary in order to learn what works and what doesn’t work.

I wish that I could say that I learned the lesson fast and jumped right in and started failing right away.  But I didn’t.   The seed was planted but it didn’t grow for a couple of years.  Even while Im writing this, at this very moment, I still struggle with doubt.  The devil and my insecurity feed me with all the reasons that Im not good enough and that maybe I AM just average.  Maybe even after all of the hard work I put in I will figure out that it was a waste because I just wasn’t “meant” for more.  I can’t say that failure gets easier.  It doesn’t.  It will always be tough.  Im learning how to recover faster so I can get through the next lesson.  If I take just a little bit of time to recover, come up with a better game plan then get back to work, I will go as far as my heart desires.  Failure is a step UP not a step DOWN.  It will make you step back, but if you really want success, you will continue to search for the next solution.

I have read many quotes about successful people who failed big and failed often before they finally got it right.  People like Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Robert Kiyosaki and Bill Gates all suffered huge failures before they achieved success.  In fact, if you talk to any “overnight success story” you will find that it was not overnight.  It came with lots of blood, sweat, tears, and lots of failures.  My goal in this post is to encourage myself as I encourage you.  DONT GIVE UP!  Fail, Recover, Move On!

Choose to be different!

I have always been rebellious.  I didn’t realize it until recently, but I have always hated going with what everyone else was doing.  I grew up in an environment where there were few good moral examples.   I saw laws being broken constantly.  I was surrounded by drug dealers, drug addicts, thieves, liars, prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, wife beaters, devil worshipers, gang bangers and many other lifestyles that were not the example of how to live a productive life.  There was a period of time that I tried to be like them to fit in, but I never got away with it.  I got caught almost every time.  It is pretty obvious looking back that I had a calling on my life.  It all came to a screeching halt when I was 15.   I got arrested and sent to Juvenile Detention Center.   They only made me stay 3 days but the humiliation of being arrested in the middle of math class, being walked out in handcuffs and shackles, put in a paddy wagon and sent to jail in my cheerleading outfit woke me up.  I spent the weekend in that juvenile detention center with my freedom taken away from me and I made up my mind that I had to do differently than I was taught.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I was really rebellious.  I was labeled a “goodie 2 shoes” because I was a rule follower but deep inside I chose to do good because I saw what the effects of doing wrong did in people’s lives.  I was more influenced by the people in my live that had such a light that shined in them that it rubbed off on those around them.  They went to church, did nice things for people like me and lived an honest life.  They seemed to be so at peace, they had nice houses, nice things and never had to look over their shoulders.  They got me through some of the most difficult times in my childhood.

I would like to encourage you to stand strong in the Lord.  There is more freedom in following the directions of the bible then there is in living a life doing whatever we think to do from day to day.  I have been kept in a lot of dangerous situations by the Lord.  As I get older I realize that those “rules” in the bible are not there to tell us everything we can’t do and be mean.  They are there to keep us from heartache, unecessary hurts, to keep our bodies strong and healthy and to minimize trauma in our lives.  Our lives will not be perfect until that day that Jesus comes back or we meet him in heaven, but we can make our lives on this earth much more enjoyable by looking deeply into the word of God.

Here are 3 reminders that the scriptures give us to be different, set apart, rebellious to the ways of the world.

  1. Renew Your mind ALWAYS

We must always be searching the word of God to make our lives line up with what it says.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to win God’s approval by works.  But that is not what I am saying.  I am saying that there is so much freedom in living the way our Creator created us to be.  If we are not careful we will get wound up in wrong thinking that will trap us.  It is very evident in people who are stuck in a poverty mind set.  They never get out of the situation.  They die wrapped up in their painful situation.  Its so hard to see someone trapped in agony but it happens when we stop renewing our minds.

     2.  Don’t go back to the darkness!

It is a trap from the enemy that drags us back into darkness after we have been delivered.  It is done very sneakily.  Satan knows that we are too smart to fall easily so he patiently and slowly puts traps before you that if you are not aware will wear you down until you look up and you have fallen back into the same trap.  You wonder how you got there.  You must stay aware that you are royalty.  Don’t let anything take your crown!

3.  Expect opposition!


Don’t be surprised when you are met with a resistance.  The devil is the author of confusion.  He loves to stir up strife and disagreements in order to get people so wound up that they can’t hear the truth.  You can’t go around starting strife, but don’t be the least bit surprised when you are going happily along and you are met with hatred.  Respond with love.  God is good and will give you a group of people that you can feel safe around.  People who are hearing God’s voice as well.  1 great and loyal friend is better than 10 disloyal friends.  When you look at the example of Jesus, you will see that he was met with opposition if not daily, almost daily.  He never responded with hatred but He stood his ground.  He knew the truth, and so do we.  We can speak the truth in love and still be met with indifference.

I am so glad that I got to a point in my life where I stopped caring so much about other people’s opinion and started caring about God’s opinion of me.  It can get very tiring when you are working toward a cause.  Day in and day out you work toward the calling on your life.   Often times it seems to be in vain.  You see no reward in sight for your actions.  But everytime you go to quit God sends a reminder that you are on the right track.  Everytime you get discouraged, something seemingly random happens and you get the boost that you need to make it through another round.  If I hadn’t made up my mind at a young age that I was going to strive for God’s calling on my life I can honestly say that I would be dead by now or in prison, or in a miserable lifestyle. CHOOSE TO BE DIFFERENT!

Lessons on Self Love and Finding My Identity in Christ: From a former stripper and self sabatoger

This is my story.  Please check out the video on the lessons that I learned and finding my Identity in Christ

As I stood on the stage with nothing but a swimsuit on and money in my garter belt.  I closed my eyes and danced like no one was watching.  I could smell the smoke, and alcohol.  The stage was made of wood and very hard to walk on in heels that I wasn’t used to wearing.  The disco lights were bright but the club was dark.  The music was loud.  The first song finished and I was told by the manager to go directly to the next stage.  This bar had 3 stages and 3 women all danced at the same time.  The men focused on whichever lady they preferred.  I became completely numb up there and I just zoned out.  While I was on the 3rd stage the manager of the club came up to me, handed me a dollar and whispered in my ear.  “You have done this before haven’t you,” he said.  I immediately felt creeped out but the look in his eye made me realize that I had a chance to do well at this.  All the good sense in me told me to run far away.  I told that good sense to shut up as I was counting the money that I made on stage.  This was my first time stripping.  I had entered an amateur night that I seen in a local newspaper.  I sat in the crowd after I was finished dancing and watched all of the other ladies dance. I got increasingly nervous after I danced.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous at all before I danced.  I was numb.  My childhood had taught me to turn off those nerves and just survive the moment.  I ended up winning 3rd place that night and I left with cash in my pocket, an offer of employment at that club and the paperwork to get an adult entertainer license.  I was 19, desperate, and I had no idea what I was in for.  In some states you have to get licensed.  The state where I started down this path of destruction was one of them.  I had been without a job for months and my grandmother was pressuring me to get a job.  I had moved back into her house after living in a battered women shelter for months.  Coming out of a very toxic and abusive friendship and I was desperate.  I had given legit modeling a try for about a year and had gotten nowhere.  While I was waitressing one of the kitchen staff suggested that I try stripping.  She ensured me that the men couldn’t touch you unless you wanted them to.  I laughed at her and didn’t think of it again until I found myself with my back against the wall.  I had been applying for jobs for months and was having no luck.  I originally thought I would just do that one night to make some money and then go back to job hunting but the money made by stripping was too easy.  I was hooked and decided to give it a try.

I got my adult entertainer license the next week and got on the schedule at this club.  I still remember my first day.  I was amazed at how nice most of the ladies there were.  They took me under their wings and showed me the ropes.  I didn’t have any of the appropriate clothing but one of the girls let me borrow from her and told me to go to the nearest adult sex toy store as soon as I made money.  I followed her around the first night watching how she worked the crowd, how she approached the men, how she danced for them.  She taught me the ropes and was never competitive about someone stealing her clients.  I would love to say that I started making hundreds of dollars per night right off but that is not true.  That should’ve made me quit but I saw some of the other ladies making lots of money and I just figured it was because I was new.

As I mentioned before, I was living with my grandmother after being out on my own for over a year.  I had a very strict curfew of 2am.  The first time I worked a night shift I came home at 3am and my grandmother was waiting for me and was very angry.  I couldn’t tell her why I was out that late so I just told her that I was at the club with friends partying.  The next day, I switched to the day shift.  I was able to successfully hide the fact that I was stripping from my grandmother.  She thought that I had gotten a legitimate job and just worked during the day.  Eventually I changed to the night shift at a club much closer that closed at 1am so I was home before curfew and I began working an office job during the day to hide the fact that I was dancing at night.  I would dance 3-4 nights per week and work my office job Monday through Friday.  I struggled to stay awake most days but I survived.  I continued to dance for the next 3 years as I moved away for college.  In college I started off only dancing on the school breaks.  While everyone else was relaxing on spring break I was taking all of the shifts that I could and would return to school with thousands of dollars to help me get by to the next break.  After awhile I couldn’t maintain my apartment, bills, and groceries only working every couple of months so I began driving to a different city and working on the weekends.  I drove about 2 hours one way every weekend night just so that I could avoid seeing someone from my school.  That didn’t work.  One day one of my teachers came in there and a fellow student came in as well.  I can remember running and hiding in the dressing room.  Both of them were very nice about the situation but it became very awkward going to class with that teacher for the rest of the semester.  It became very awkward seeing that student on campus and he would ask me if I was working that weekend.

I kept my dancing a secret from most people so I lived a double life.  I was still a virgin.  Yes, you heard me right.  I was still a virgin.  I was molested as a kid but I don’t count any of that.  Once I was around 14 I became a fighter and made up my mind that no one was taking that from me.  I decided that when I do decide to have sex it was going to be on my terms.  So I was very confusing to the boys on campus.  I would go to parties, smoke, drink a lot, and dance like a stripper, then I would say “Ok good night”  The look on their faces as they realized that I was just a tease and not down for anything more was priceless.  This lifestyle got progressively worse as me and my husband (then boyfriend) got deeper into sin.  I found myself in a lot of very dangerous situations and I still thank God to this day for keeping me safe.  He ended up getting in legal trouble and was required to move back home for probation.  I moved with him and God began to really work on my heart.  By the time I was 22 I was so sick with the lifestyle that I found myself in.  I was smoking marijuana and cigarettes very heavily and drinking every night.  That was the lifestyle of a stripper.  It was almost a requirement to drink every night.  I never really liked drinking so I would smoke before I went in and then I had a deal with the bartender.  When the customer bought me a drink I would have her secretly make it non alcoholic and I pretended that I was drinking.  The first couple of years it really was mostly fun but my spirit craved Jesus.  My spirit knew that I didn’t belong in that lifestyle.  I wanted so badly to go back to church but my highest money making times was the Sunday shift from 12pm to 9pm.  Which meant I had to be there by 11am.  That was when I realized that I had to quit dancing in order to get my spirit back in line with Jesus.  I made up my mind and I quit dancing.  I had worked it out to where I was an “out of town girl” which meant that I didn’t have a set schedule at the club and I could come and go as I pleased so I just stopped going.  I got a $10/hr job and I went back to church.  It was so hard not making hundreds a night anymore but I was back at home in church.

Im so glad I didn’t go back.  As I look back I see how damaging that lifestyle was.  Please check out my video at the top of the page where I talk about the lessons that I learned


Storytime: My Christianity Journey

I received Christ as my Savior when I was 8 or 9 years old.  I was not raised in church and I have very few memories of going to church with my mother.  She believed in God but did not attend a church.

We were living in Austin Texas and I had friended the kids of a nearby Pastor.  From that friendship I started going to their vacation bible school.  I didn’t fully understand christianity but I knew that they seemed like their lives were very happy.  My life was very chaotic throughout my childhood and I craved what they had.  They seemed like they had it all together.  I made up my mind then, that I would serve Christ for the rest of my life.  I didn’t know at the time what all that would mean, but I knew deep in my heart that God had talked to me and led me to Him.  That church put some of the foundation in me where I learned scripture memorization, the rapture and what it means to be a christian.

In the next couple of years we moved to the East Coast and then by the time I was 10 we were back in Austin Texas.  At age 11 we moved back to Kansas City.  Moving around opened my realization to other cultures and religions.  My exposure to the 5% Nation of Islam further convinced me that Christianity was the way.  I went to a Catholic Church and even a Mormon church in the next few years.

When I was 16 my friend invited me to her church for their New Years Eve Service.  Their drama team did a human video of “Mary Did You Know.” I cried harder than I had cried in years.  That year leading up to that service I had experienced a lot of pain.  I had moved in with my grandmother, and my mother had been shot and almost died, I felt like God was speaking to me right through that song and drama presentation and I rededicated my life to Christ.  I became heavily involved in that church and for the next 2 years I was in training for ministry.  I went on a mission trip to St Louis and I gave my testimony, I started singing on a worship team and it was there that God spoke clearly to me that I was called to Evangelism through Music.

After high school I found myself very lost.  I ventured way away from ministry.  I began living a lifestyle that was far from what God wanted for my life.  By the time I turned 22 I had returned to church and ministry.

When I went to the church that my grandma attended I finally felt the freedom of Christ that I ha felt as a child.  I stayed at that church for around 5 years and then I moved on to a church that branched off from that one.  This church that I attend now has really taught me about the love of Christ.  I have reached an age where I am much more stable and I can only be excited about where my journey will take me from here.


3 Lessons that I learned about Natural Hair

Going natural can be very scary.  You wonder “Will my hair be unmanageable?”  “Will I know how to take care of it?”  If you have ever found yourself saying “Natural hair is not for me, I don’t have “good” hair like so and so,” then you are exactly who I am talking to.  I have said and thought all of those things but here I am 6.5 years natural and I feel like I could never go back to the creamy crack.

I started my natural journey on accident but during this journey I have discovered that our hair in it’s natural state is exactly what God gave us.  When we take time out to take care of our hair we will see the beauty that we are blessed with.


Here are the 3 things that I learned in the last 6.5 years.


Natural hair is like learning a new craft.

Every craft takes hours upon hours of practice to really get the hang of it.  It has taken me 6 years of buns and ponytails before I took down my bun and took the time to discover what my hair likes and needs.  You will have to try different shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners, oils, deep conditioners, drying processes and styles before you get in the groove.  Thank God for Youtube and the Natural Hair Divas who have taught me many things.  I still have a ways to go but I can say with much honesty that I finally understand the blessing of natural hair.  I finally understand the beauty of my curls, coils and naps.


Take Time to Learn and Love your Hair

I wasted a lot of time comparing my hair to other people’s hair.  I spent way too many hours wishing my hair was more “wash n go.”  Wishing my hair was 3C, low porosity and shiny, and bouncy with no frizz.  Im just being real when I say that I thought I had “bad” hair.  I had many people who would tell me the opposite but I was convinced otherwise.  When you are programmed to think that the curly new growth is nappy you fear that your hair will just be nappy.  Once you get those dead over-processed ends cut off you can really start to deprogram your brain from all that you have been taught.  The self hatred that has been passed from person to person for generations.  The truth is that God made no mistakes.  Even though ethnic hair can be a lot of work, it is beautiful, and with time can be less work.


Wash and Condition OFTEN

I had learned to fear water.  Water made your hair nappy right?  WRONG!!!  Our hair is like our bodies.  It needs water, it loves water.  Unless you are wearing your hair blow dried and or flat ironed most of us can benefit from wetting our hair daily.  I was also scared of shampoo.  For years I co-washed only.  The product build up made my hair constantly dull and my curls were frizzy.  I now realize that there is a balance.  Everyone’s hair is different but for my hair personally I try to wet it daily, wash once or twice per week and deep condition once per week.  The change that I have seen in my hair has been amazing.  I went from hating my hair to loving it.  When my hair is clean, moisturized and balanced it isn’t frizzy, the curls are defined, shiny, and bouncy.


I really hope that I can encourage someone out there who is on the fence about whether they should stop getting relaxers or not.  Im not saying that there is anything wrong with getting relaxer if that is your personal decision.  I am saying that there is a real freedom and beauty in learning to love your hair in its natural state.  There is a flexibility in being able to wear your hair curly or straight.  Don’t let fear stop you!


Favorite Hair Product of the Month-Shea Moisture Yucca and Plantain Conditioner


Shea Moisture is by far my favorite company right now.  I love that they wont compromise and put toxic ingredients in their products but my hair really loves their products.  I have used an entire bottle of the Shea Moisture Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage Strengthening Conditioner because I love it.  It gives my hair strength without leaving it dry and frizzy.  It also makes it soft and mangeable.


Checkout my video review of this conditioner.

Homeschooling Update-Lesson Planning, Socializing, and Field Trips


I have learned quite a bit since January.  It takes awhile to figure out which curriculum works best for your child, what schedule works best for your child, and what social programs work best for your child.  I am still experimenting daily but I have settled in to using mostly Easy Peasy www.allinonehomeschool.com  This website is easy to use and includes the curriculum for: Reading, English, Math, History, Science, and Bible.  It even includes some extra curriculum like foreign language.  I have found that it is about a year advanced compared to what my son was used to in his school system.  When I had him using the 5th grade curriculum it was the same as the 6th grade work that my daughter was learning in middle school.  I moved back to the 4th grade curriculum and it is more on track with the 5th grade in my area.  The math is a little bit too easy for him so Im still working on finding the right balance in his math.


I have been supplementing with these websites






I have also been using these Youtube pages

Keith Hughes

Crash Course


I have been using this app for bible study/devotional


I highly recommend that you find a homeschool group to join in your area.  It is great for support, for learning about different curriculum and opportunities, for socializing, and field trips.

HSLDA website has a listing of some of the groups across the nation but I also recommend searching on Facebook.  There is a support group for most curriculums as well.  There is one for Easy Peasy and one for Easy Peasy for Special Learners.


Checkout the video footage here

I am Not Alone Kari Jobe Cover by Jauwan

This song has reached me in some of my darkest hours.  The words “When Im standing in the fire, I will not be overcome” explains how it feels to be surrounded by your problems but still having a peace in your spirit knowing that God is with us always and will not let us be destroyed.  It paints a picture of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace not getting burned but dancing freely.  Daniel 3:16.  I hope that this song ministers to you and reminds you that God loves us more than we can imagine and wants the best for us.


Shea Moisture-A Company Dedicated to Safe and Uncompromising Beauty


Last week I wrote a blog and filmed a video titled 4 Beauty Ingredients that are Making us Sick.  This week I wanted to provide you with a solution.  Im not one for stirring up the problem but I am all for finding a solution.  I found a few companies that are uncompromising, non toxic, and AFFORDABLE!  This week I briefly go over Shea Moisture Facial Collections so that you can decide which one is right for you.



I took a poll recently the biggest skincare concern is Dryness.  A lot of our skin issues can come from our diet and dryness is one of those that is also a sign of dehydration.  Our skin is also an organ and will either over produce oil when dehydrated to overcompensate when dehydrated.  HOWEVER there are things that we can do externally that will drastically help with the tightness of dry skin.  The Raw Shea Butter Line is an awesome choice.


Discoloration is also a big concern that I treated often when I was working in the spa as an Esthetician.  Whether it was from acne scarring, or sun damage there were men and women who wanted their skin to return to an even tone.  When treating uneven skin tone it is very important to not only treat the spots that are already there but to also use precautions to prevent future spots.  SPF is crucial to this and must be worn daily.  The Coconut and Hibiscus Collection is the perfect collection for this.


Acne was the 2nd most common concern that I treated in the spa.  Acne is a little more difficult to treat without seeing the skin.  It could be hormonal, cystic acne, product sensitivity, or other internal reasons.  Some acne needs a dermatologist who can write a specific prescription but other types of acne can be treated at home.  Hormonal acne can be treated at home or by getting a professional facial.  African Black Soap is awesome for cleansing the skin but keeping the balance.  You want to be careful not to over cleanse acneic/oily skin because the skin will adapt and over produce oil and you will end up worse than you began.  The Shea Moisture African Black Soap Collection is a great place to start.


Sensitive skin is skin that is reactive to certain ingredients.  Sensitive skin has a large range where some skin is very sensitive to a large number of ingredients and fragrances and other people are only sensitive to a few ingredients and fragrances.  I believe that a lot of the sensitivity comes from the toxic ingredients that are added to some of the products out there.  The great thing about Shea Moisture is that people with sensitive skin can possibly get away with using all of the collections but there is a line that is made specially for sensitive skin.  Rose oil is naturally calming and I used it quite often in facials for those with sensitive skin.  The Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil line only has 3 items but are sufficient for a good cleansing regimen.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles and aging skin is one of my concern.  I naively thought I wouldnt have this concern but the environment takes a toll on our skin and as we age it begins to show.  As the skin ages it decreases in the natural oil production and dry skin speeds up the wrinkles and sagging.  It is very important to keep mature skin balanced with great moisture and vitamins.  The Superfruit Mulitivitamin Renewal Creme Collection focuses on just that.


This line isn’t listed under their collections but it has the 3 main items for skincare.  The 100% Virgin Coconut Oil line is great for all skin types and is a gentle and hydrating system.


Checkout all of their products on Amazon as well


If you are more of a video person checkout my video where I am going over each Collection.   I pray that I am able to help you in whatever your skincare journey is.  Please feel free to leave any questions that you may have in the comments.