My favorite Black Friday/Cyber Monday Item 2017

So, we are in such an age where it almost feels like the Jetsons are my next door neighbors.  We can now talk into our phones and it will call someone, it will navigate us to a location, and do so many cool things that before now we couldn’t do so easily.  Well, now our tv does the same.  My 4 year old still likes to use his dvd’s but they get scratched and broken so easily that they are no longer cost efficient.  We live in a new time where we don’t have to go to the Blockbuster to rent the latest movie.  It is now at our fingertips with smart phones, smart tv’s and streaming devices like the Amazon FireStick with Alexa Remote and the Echo dot.  It’s on sale the Black Friday for $24.99 alone or you can get the Amazon Firestick with Echo Combo for $54.98.  That is cheaper than a month of cable and the options for expansion are huge!

I must say that at first I was leery of these type of devices.  Our world is becoming more and more easy.  We have surpassed the microwave era and moved right into instant cook era.  I had to re-evaluate my mindset because Redbox was taking all of my money.  When I had to go turn the dvd’s in they were almost always late and I paid more than it would cost to just rent it on my smart device.

This item won me over for sure.  Look at some of it’s features.

  • Tens of thousands of app choices.
  • Portable-You can just plug and play on most tv’s
  • Alexa Voice Remote allows you to control your remote using your own voice.  I love this option because some of the typing in the search function can be so annoying.  I sound so spoiled because this is so much easier than the old way where you had to type 3 times to get to the letter C!
  • And other cool features that are too much to list on this post.

I can see where this can really help those with disabilities to be able to do more.  Who thought the day would come where many of us would own several little computers.  We have a handheld computer that we can also make phone calls on and now we have handheld computers that we can control the tv with.  This Firestick with the Alexa Remote is definitely top of my wishlist this year.  What are some of the items that you are excited about buying this Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

If you are afraid that machines are taking over the workplace check out this article  Andrew Charlton.

I really think that technology is here to help us to become more efficient.  The best thing right now is to hop on the technology bandwagon and become a creator yourself for job security.

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6 Replies to “My favorite Black Friday/Cyber Monday Item 2017”

  1. The firestick sounds amazing! I hate “typing” on my remote! It’s quite astoundingly how far technology has come. I remember being a teenager and thinking that working in a video store would be the ultimate job! Hahaha

  2. I feel like I’m the only left without a fire stick, so I’m going to take the plunge! I’m sick of paying $200+ for cable every month! 😡 Thanks for this review!

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