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Dreamboard 2

It’s that time of year where we start really looking back over the last year and evaluating where we need to go next to accomplish our goals.  I have been looking for an app that would help me stay focused on my goals since I’m always on my dang on phone.  I have tried several but this one has been the most user friendly.  (I only tested the free version.)  Dreamboard 2.  Here is why I love this app.

  1.  It is really super easy to use.  That is really important to me because I am already constantly stuffing information into my brain during every day so I need simple things as much as possible.  It has everything needed for you to brain dump and then have that visual.  You can even set alarms so that you are reminded to meditate on your dreams.  The only part of the app that was confusing is that it doesn’t automatically save.  You have to click on ACT in order to save your board and then it is stored in Templates after that.
  2. It has some super cute and colorful graphics.  I may be the only one (I doubt that,) but cute, colorful graphics lifts my mood.  If it were really boring I would certainly find excuses to not meditate on it.  This app even allows you to add your own images so you can use pictures of real things.
  3. It has really good affirmations and allows you to add your own affirmations.  If you are having problems coming up with your affirmations for your board you don’t have to worry one bit.  There are a bunch of great affirmations built in.

Im getting a jump on my goals for this next year because,honestly, I have no time to waste.  You can even make a couple of different boards with different focuses.  One with your overall goals, once with your health goals, one with your work goals etc.  It is good to be very specific with what you are wanting to accomplish in life.  I truly believe that God gave man the authority to create our own path but we must have faith in Him AND what He put in US.  Faith will produce evidence.  “You will know them by their fruit.”  If we are willing to have faith that God has blessed us already, and we train our brains to think positively, our fruit trees will be overflowing.

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