My Dollar Tree Addiction

What is it about this store that gets me so excited?  It takes me back to being a child.  I love that I can stretch my money there.  I love all the colors, shapes and sizes of things there.  From the second that you walk in the store there are so many vibrant colors.  This has to be no accident.  Some very smart marketing executives had to have strategically placed colorful and cool shaped items throughout the store to keep the seratonin pumping in their customers.  I mean seriously.  It is extremely hard for me to keep a bad attitude when shopping there.  I also think that part of the high that comes from shopping there is the illusion that you have a large budget/no budget at all.  Balling at the Dollar Store! Maybe it is because Im a stay at home mom who watches way too much Youtube organization videos and the anticipation of how organized and pretty my house will be kicks in.

Dollar Tree is jam packed with not only pretty decor and organization items for the house, but they also have practical and necessary items at a price that is hard to resist.  You just keep throwing items in your basket because…heck, its only a dollar!  From, soaps, to toothbrushes, hygiene, school and office supplies and even food.  I have to admit that I have gotten some items there that turned out to be total fails and its better to spend more money on these items but you can’t lose trying something out for $1.

Some of the items that totally flopped were, a wine corkscrew opener, a bottle plug, a lemon pound cake and most of the air fresheners.  They either broke or tasted horrible.  I have made several videos of Dollar Tree Hauls or different DIY using Dollar Tree items and there is no shortage of other videos on youtube on the same topic.  I have been itching so badly to go to the Dollar Tree this week but haven’t made it into the store.  I fear that when I do I will spend $50-$100 dollars because I have so many DIY projects that I want to do.  Im currently working on a vanity for my daughter and one for myself.  Im also in the process of decluttering and organizing my house so all of those bins, baskets, and drawers and such are calling my name.

I think the only way for me to break this addiction is to get so rich that I won’t want anything from the dollar store.  Im not confident that will even work but for now I’m able to balance my addiction.  Until then, I will keep looking for cool items at Dollar Tree.

What are some of the great items that you have gotten from the Dollar Tree/Store?  What are some of the DIY projects that you have done using supplies from the Dollar Tree/Store?

Check out my playlist below of my Dollar Tree Videos.  I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Dollar tree is def a great place to find items for the house and the occassional diy. But you do have to be careful because like you said some of the items do break or taste horrible.

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