Homeschooling Update-Lesson Planning, Socializing, and Field Trips


I have learned quite a bit since January.  It takes awhile to figure out which curriculum works best for your child, what schedule works best for your child, and what social programs work best for your child.  I am still experimenting daily but I have settled in to using mostly Easy Peasy  This website is easy to use and includes the curriculum for: Reading, English, Math, History, Science, and Bible.  It even includes some extra curriculum like foreign language.  I have found that it is about a year advanced compared to what my son was used to in his school system.  When I had him using the 5th grade curriculum it was the same as the 6th grade work that my daughter was learning in middle school.  I moved back to the 4th grade curriculum and it is more on track with the 5th grade in my area.  The math is a little bit too easy for him so Im still working on finding the right balance in his math.


I have been supplementing with these websites


I have also been using these Youtube pages

Keith Hughes

Crash Course


I have been using this app for bible study/devotional


I highly recommend that you find a homeschool group to join in your area.  It is great for support, for learning about different curriculum and opportunities, for socializing, and field trips.

HSLDA website has a listing of some of the groups across the nation but I also recommend searching on Facebook.  There is a support group for most curriculums as well.  There is one for Easy Peasy and one for Easy Peasy for Special Learners.


Checkout the video footage here