Shea Moisture-A Company Dedicated to Safe and Uncompromising Beauty


Last week I wrote a blog and filmed a video titled 4 Beauty Ingredients that are Making us Sick.  This week I wanted to provide you with a solution.  Im not one for stirring up the problem but I am all for finding a solution.  I found a few companies that are uncompromising, non toxic, and AFFORDABLE!  This week I briefly go over Shea Moisture Facial Collections so that you can decide which one is right for you.



I took a poll recently the biggest skincare concern is Dryness.  A lot of our skin issues can come from our diet and dryness is one of those that is also a sign of dehydration.  Our skin is also an organ and will either over produce oil when dehydrated to overcompensate when dehydrated.  HOWEVER there are things that we can do externally that will drastically help with the tightness of dry skin.  The Raw Shea Butter Line is an awesome choice.


Discoloration is also a big concern that I treated often when I was working in the spa as an Esthetician.  Whether it was from acne scarring, or sun damage there were men and women who wanted their skin to return to an even tone.  When treating uneven skin tone it is very important to not only treat the spots that are already there but to also use precautions to prevent future spots.  SPF is crucial to this and must be worn daily.  The Coconut and Hibiscus Collection is the perfect collection for this.


Acne was the 2nd most common concern that I treated in the spa.  Acne is a little more difficult to treat without seeing the skin.  It could be hormonal, cystic acne, product sensitivity, or other internal reasons.  Some acne needs a dermatologist who can write a specific prescription but other types of acne can be treated at home.  Hormonal acne can be treated at home or by getting a professional facial.  African Black Soap is awesome for cleansing the skin but keeping the balance.  You want to be careful not to over cleanse acneic/oily skin because the skin will adapt and over produce oil and you will end up worse than you began.  The Shea Moisture African Black Soap Collection is a great place to start.


Sensitive skin is skin that is reactive to certain ingredients.  Sensitive skin has a large range where some skin is very sensitive to a large number of ingredients and fragrances and other people are only sensitive to a few ingredients and fragrances.  I believe that a lot of the sensitivity comes from the toxic ingredients that are added to some of the products out there.  The great thing about Shea Moisture is that people with sensitive skin can possibly get away with using all of the collections but there is a line that is made specially for sensitive skin.  Rose oil is naturally calming and I used it quite often in facials for those with sensitive skin.  The Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil line only has 3 items but are sufficient for a good cleansing regimen.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles and aging skin is one of my concern.  I naively thought I wouldnt have this concern but the environment takes a toll on our skin and as we age it begins to show.  As the skin ages it decreases in the natural oil production and dry skin speeds up the wrinkles and sagging.  It is very important to keep mature skin balanced with great moisture and vitamins.  The Superfruit Mulitivitamin Renewal Creme Collection focuses on just that.


This line isn’t listed under their collections but it has the 3 main items for skincare.  The 100% Virgin Coconut Oil line is great for all skin types and is a gentle and hydrating system.


Checkout all of their products on Amazon as well


If you are more of a video person checkout my video where I am going over each Collection.   I pray that I am able to help you in whatever your skincare journey is.  Please feel free to leave any questions that you may have in the comments.