4 Beauty Ingredients that are making us sick!

No one can deny that Cancer is on the rise and is taking many of our loved ones daily.  I don’t think that there is 1 person that I know personally who hasn’t been affected by cancer in some way.  There is also a rise is allergies and sickness.  In my quest to do better and put less chemicals in my body I am learning a lot.  These ingredients can be up for debate but I would rather be safe than sorry.


There is a debate as to whether or not it is proven that paragons cause Cancer but anything that disrupts your endocrine system and mimics hormones are very likely to cause cancer or other sicknesses.  Even though the studies are not conclusive it is a great idea to stay away from using products that use the paragons.  Paragons are great at preserving a product but it is just my opinion that some things were not meant to be preserved and it only causes us to consume something that is not healthy for our bodies.


The natural hair community is split on whether sulfates are bad for your hair or not.  Many of us when we were transitioning or had newly begun our natural journey were told that we should avoid sulfates altogether.  WE should avoid shampoos that produces suds because it can be damaging to our tresses.  However after some research I have learned that Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS, SLES) emits toxic fumes when heated, is a skin irritant and its a penetration enhancer meaning that if other toxic chemicals are in the product it causes them to penetrate easier.  It also pollutes the water and is undetected by many drinking water filters.


Studies have found that these chemicals may affect hormones and moreso in boys.  It is believed to decrease the amount of testosterone in boys.  It can be passed from mother to fetus during pregnancy and the affects will be seen later on with the boys.


This is a very familiar preservative.  Johnson and Johnson recently announced that they are removing it from their baby products but many companies are still using formaldehyde producers.  They are easier to hide in the ingredient list but cause the same effects.  Formadehyde is listed in EPA as a “probable carcinogen”  It is toxic when inhaled and also a known skin sensitizer.


There are many many more toxic chemicals that we are exposed to daily.  Some may argue that these studies aren’t proven but no one can argue that Cancer is taking our family members, friends, and co workers at an alarming rate.  If we take little steps to make better conscious decisions about the products that we use or buy I believe we will see a decrease of Cancer in our lives.  Checkout the video that I made about these toxins.