Wash Day Chronicles featuring Hot Head Conditioning Cap


Wash Day can be a full day event for naturally curly girls.  I don’t have time for an all day event so I am always looking for ways to be more efficient.  My wash day routine consists of Washing, Conditioning and Detangling and Deep Condition followed by my style of choice.  I will do a video soon of my Wash and Go technique.  Wash and Go is my go to style because it is easy.  It is not the best during the winter but if you are going to be inside for a few hours it works well.

  • I start my process with just water.  Make sure your hair is fully hydrated and ready to soak in the product.  If you are using a Clarifying Shampoo it will need plenty of water to soap up and cleanse well.  You really should follow up with a moisturizing shampoo but for sake of time and pure laziness I make sure that my conditioner is extra moisturizing and I deep condition EVERY Wash Day.  Depending on your hairs needs as well as your level of damage you can deep condition weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  My hair really needs a good dose of vitamins and goodness weekly.  I am currently using Mizani True Textures Shampoo but there are many great shampoos out there.  I use Shea Moisture Shampoo as well and I like to switch it up every couple of weeks for maximum results.


  • Next I apply my conditioner of choice very liberally.  I start sectioning my hair and detangle each section.  This ensures that I get the conditioner everywhere and it takes advantage of the slip of the conditioner.  This day I am using Shea Moisture Yucca And Plantain Anti Breakage Conditioner.  I let that sit in my hair uncovered while I continue with my shower and wash my body.  The steam of the shower really helps that conditioner get into the hair.  I rinse that conditioner out completely then I finish the process of deep conditioning after I get dressed.
  • Then I apply a deep conditioner and let it sit for 30 minutes or more before rinsing with cool water and styling.

There are many different recipes for a deep conditioner.  Here is my tips on great ingredients for a deep conditioner that you have right in your kitchen (or can purchase for cheap)



You can download a copy here.


Recipe used in the video is:

1 Ripe Avocado

1 Tablespoon Raw Unfiltered Honey

1/8 cup Aloe Juice (Can substitute 1/8 of Aloe Vera Gel from the plant)


For the deep conditioning process. I separate my hair into sections and apply generously.  I like to detangle again to verify that the product is getting evenly applied and I twist each section.  If my hair gets dry I re-wet it.  Wet hair absorbs product much better because the follicles are still open.  I place my hair in a conditioning cap or shower cap (whatever I have available) but I received the Hot Head Conditioning Cap in exchange for my HONEST review.


Details about this cap:

There are 2 sizes Hot Head (adult) Starting circumference, approximately 21″ Max circumference (fully stretched), approximately 34” Diameter, approximately 20”

and  Starting circumference, approximately 17″ Max circumference (fully stretched), approximately 30” Diameter, approximately 18”


and Little Hot Head (kid) Starting circumference, approximately 17″ Max circumference (fully stretched), approximately 30” Diameter, approximately 18”

It is made with 100% Cotton Materials, FlaxSeed and TLC


Here are the directions from the website.




Step 1: Wash hair, then gently towel dry to prevent dripping. Apply hair treatment of choice. Follow with a plastic cap, completely covering the hair and hairline.

Step 2: Place Hot Head flat on a clean glass or ceramic plate. Heat in 1000 watt microwave with elastic facing up for 30-45sec. Power level must be lowered accordingly for higher wattage microwaves! Refer to owner manual to find out how. Remove, flip inside out and shake up heat source. Replace elastic side up and heat for additional 30-45sec. Remove, flip inside out and shake up heat source once again. Replace elastic side up and heat for additional 30-45sec once again. If additional heat is desired proceed in 10-20sec increments, following the above flipping and shaking method, until desired heat level is achieved. Do not exceed a combined total of 3min, from start to finish.

Step 3: Remove Hot Head completely at the conclusion of treatment. Allow hair to cool 5min before rinsing with cold water. Style as usual.


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