Skincare Routine and Giveaway

A Great Skincare Regimen will help us look younger and healthier.  I am an Esthetician and went to school for skincare.  A great skincare routine also includes a weekly masque and spf.   I am giving away a beginner set.  This set includes a Cleanser, Moisturizer and an Eye Cream.  This set is meant to be used in the morning and in the evening.  I suggest you use my DIY hair/facial masque once a week (Check my youtube channel for the recipe)  The Elf Skincare Starter Kit is great for dry, normal or even oily skin.  The Super Sonic Washing Machine uses SuperSonic vibrations to clean deeply.  It quickly removes facial dirt and restores clear skin, promotes blood circulation, and increases absorption capacity to make your skin smooth. One Lucky Winner will win a SuperSonic Washing Machine and an Elf Skincare Kit.  Contest ends March 1,2017 at midnight.  Don’t forget to follow the rules and enter below!  Good Luck!!!

Enter to win an Elf Hydration Skincare Starter Kit and a Supersonic Washing Machine

Skincare Giveaway

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6 Replies to “Skincare Routine and Giveaway”

  1. Thank you for sharing! My skin concern is mostly pore related since I have big pores so I’m always looking to see if things will help me get my skin clean and clear better than what I’m already using.

  2. I have been interested in a face cleanser machine but hate the thought of spending $100. This looks like a nice alternative

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