StoryTime Autism Wandering

Autism Wandering

It felt like just an ordinary morning.  My then 2 year old woke up the second that the sun hit the window, jumped out of bed and began to play immediately.  I tried to jump up and my body said “Lay back down”  I was mentally awake but my body was still sleep so I decided to just lay there a few more minutes.  I could hear my son making his normal vocalizations and I could hear him playing.  He had just gotten a new ride on power toy so I thought he was just excited to play with that as he had done the last couple of days.  It couldn’t have been more than 5-10 minutes before I realized I didn’t hear his vocalizations anymore.  I got up and looked around the corner and saw the door wide open.  I flew down my stairs and out the front door.  Watch my video above to see how the situation turned out.